Lake Superior Zoo

We went to The Lake Superior Zoo earlier this month. It was a little more expensive than we had predicted and truthfully, not worth the money we paid to get in. Nobody informed us at the door that the bears were all put away for the day—no polar bears, no grizzly. Well, there was a stuffed grizzly inside but nothing to learn about.

I’m sure we can blame Minnesota weather for the lack of animals but man, we were quite disappointed discovering that there were no giraffes, elephants, or sea animals of any kind either. No camel, alpaca, penguins…

But, the kids didn’t know any better (they will after we visit the San Diego Zoo later this year) so they had a lot of fun watching the prairie dogs and chatting with the parrots.

Would we go back? And, pay that money for repeated disappointment of limited animals? No. No, we’ll definitely wait until we’re somewhere else to visit another zoo.


  1. Tiffany

    Seriously? Prairie dogs and parrots. Come over to my place, we have a hamster, parakeet AND FISH! Just blew them out of the water, didn’t I. LOL!! But I think I would have asked for my money back. I mean, you can see more than that at the pet store!

  2. Nicole

    I agree that sounds like a disappointing day at the zoo. I feel that way often when I’ve been to the Minnesota Zoo as well, but have had good experiences at Como Zoo. The best zoo I’ve ever been to myself is the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. They have a nocturnal animals exhibit that is incredible! If you’re ever in Omaha, NE you need to check it out.

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