Changing Our Eating Habits

If you spend any time in the online RV community, you will probably discover that we are a passionate group of people. Most of the people we talk to are passionate about something: religion, travel, green living, healthy eating…

And some just like to stick their tongues out at society.

…we do too.

Recently, I asked a question about food in one of our groups. That led to types of food, ingredients, and autism. Our family is more than touched by autism—we’re swimming in it. Our oldest has aspergers, our second is ADHD, our third has autism, and our fourth is too young for us to know. Autism rules a huge part of our life. Or tries to. We’re too strong to let it just take over.

We’ve known for awhile now that the foods we’re eating as a family just aren’t that great for us. We eat what’s known as SAD (the standard american diet). You know: sugar, carbs, and endless amounts of diet pop. Oh, and the occasional piece of fruit to chase the guilt away. It’s awful, really. I’m ashamed to admit it.┬áBut, this journey is all about improving our life and our way of eating is definitely part of it so I want to share it with you.

I spent hours online the other night reading, jotting notes down, and comparing my research with things I already know. And, it came down to a simple answer: We need to strip down to the basics again, start over from scratch, and figure out what (if anything) is leading to the meltdowns, the dark circles under our toddler’s eyes, and the glassy eyed spaced out look. It’s a known fact that issues in diet can increase autism behaviors and we’d like to start working on that before we leave Minnesota.

So, we’re going Paleo—another idea originally by my husband that has taken me more time than it should to agree with. Just like RVing. What is Paleo? It’s the idea that the human diet has evolved a lot more than the human body. We are not designed to eat processed foods like grains, sugars, and dyes. We are designed to eat only what you can hunt or gather: meat, plants, nuts, and seeds. You know, the stuff we ate when the human body was first created.

Kinda makes sense, right? But, I refuse to let it get boring since all 6 of us will be eating this way and we are natural foodies (oh, we love food). So, I spent over an hour at the store today with my grocery list and menu plan in hand…

And, $140 later… We have a week of healthy (and hopefully yummy) meals on hand.


  • greek yogurt with fruit
  • eggs topped with salsa, bacon
  • scrambled eggs




If you want to be inspired by more weekly menus, visit Organizing Junkie.


  1. Heather

    Good luck on your Paleo lifestyle change. I’m hoping you and your family will enjoy the many benefits it has to offer. It has changed my life and my families.
    Best of luck! :)

  2. Elizabeth

    Thank you, Heather! :)

  3. Hope

    If you haven’t tried quinoa yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a great substitute for grains and rice and it doesn’t have an overwhelming flavor. It’s a seed that you can use in place of oatmeal in the morning, in cold salads, in stirfry, etc. You can find it in the organic section at cub foods. Not sure if super one up there has it.

  4. Elizabeth

    Thanks, Hope! Quinoa isn’t Paleo because it’s a grain. But, I definitely loved making polenta in the past :)

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