Ely Winter Festival

     You’ve got to find a way to have fun in the winter and we found out a town an hour north of us was having their annual winter festival! We aren’t big winter fans, (I know, it’s ironic since we live in Minnesota) but there aren’t many places where you can see beautiful snow sculptures! I had a chance to see them last year but it had gotten warm and they were all half melted.image

      You can’t see it real well but this first pic is a giant pair of hands! The kids thought it would be cool to walk through them! Zailey isn’t quite sure about walking in the snow yet.


     Beth found her favorite sculture right away! An awesome turtle! A rare pic I was able to get of her. Ain’t she beautiful! This was about as close as Zaden comes to a camera! That’s him walking away in his hood.

Zack and Zander visiting Old Mother Hubbard

The boys found the old woman in the shoe. We warned them about not touching anything and they took it VERY seriously. This is as close as they would get! Good boys. lol


I convinced Zack to try to get in the home without touching it. He was VERY cautious. He told us he was too big so we moved on.


Zander found this sculture. I didn’t get a chance to see what it was all about but it was very cool looking. Lots of detail and the head on top was awesome! This is Zander smiling. hahaha


There were all kinds of different sculptures. This was one of my favorites, a silly croc with his tongue hanging out.


Some were just plain cool! A couple of racers up on an embankment!


A kayaker riding a wave! So cool!


Zailey was quite uneasy about walking in the snow. She was very unsure of it… or was it the dragon behind her? I’m not sure.


But by the end, she was happy go lucky and thought this was kinda cool! It helps having such an awesome big brother that adores his sister!

The Detours of Life


If you’ve followed this blog at all in the past, I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s been dormant for about 6 months. You’ve probably thought that it was abandoned and for the most part, you would be right. Our family was all ready to go full timing in our RV, but after doing it last summer, we realized our timing wasn’t right.

Sure we wanted to. Go back to living the daily, boring grind? No way! But when you have kids, you can’t be selfish. A little detour, by the name of Zaden, just wasn’t ready to experience any adventures yet. Zaden has autism and it had gotten a lot deeper throughout the summer. I’d say his whole life is an adventure, but that adventure is all in his head and we have little to no idea of what’s going on in there. To us, he has gotten more destructive and traveling would have been very hard on him. It’s tough when your 3 and a half year old is still non-verbal. So we made the hard decision to stay at our home base and get him more therapy through the school district.

Staying home hasn’t been all bad. Zaden has made a lot of progress. We also realized how much we love having a home base and when we’re able to travel, we still want to have it and be here at least part time in the summer. We’ve been renovating and fixing up the place so it will be a better place to be during our time here.

Of course summer has gone and as great as it is here in the good months, the winter is down right depressing. We aren’t the type to enjoy winter activities and our kids can’t stand the cold. All they want to do is play video games and as of recent, have become obsessed with them. Life has sped up again and what I wouldn’t give for it to slow down again like it did when we were camping.

So the plan is still to travel and experience the country in person; to provide a childhood for our kids they will never forget, but we won’t be doing it full time. We hope we can escape the cold Minnesota winters starting next winter if things work out! I’m optimistic! It’s so cold here! No, you aren’t seeing that image wrong. It was THAT cold here a few mornings. I miss my RV.

Our Life on Wheels: RV Must Haves

Our Life On WheelsI’m joining up with one of my favorite blogs again. She’s being kind and told me that even though I’m late, she’ll add me in!

This month, we are discussing RV must haves. I have so many of them. I can’t post them all but here’s a little peek into how we run things around here :)

Silverware Sorter
Like most ultra light travel trailers, we are drawerless. Really, no built in drawers. It’s irritating when you’re trying to organize your kitchen. But, we discovered this at Target for $10 last month and it does the job!

Travel Highchair
If you have kids, you need one of these. There isn’t enough room for a big high chair and this does the trick! Plus, it’s easy to bring outside for picnic table meals.
Ikea is awesome when it comes to baskets. This little shelf under my TV was too narrow for anything I found at Target. These fit perfectly!
Pink Boxes
If you’re a girl, you come with girl stuff… makeup, lotion, hair stuff, etc. I organize and keep all my stuff here.
Small Washing Machine
I hate laundromats. My husband bought me one of these and it hooks up to our outdoor kitchen. It washes about 3/4 of a regular load in about 25 minutes. I hang dry, iron out wrinkles, and viola. Love this!
Outdoor Toy Box
Well, another rubbermaid container. This is for all the… well, crap my kids insist on having for outside play!
Attached Grill
This. This is my favorite thing. I watch other RVers pull out big grills or bags of charcoal but this neat little thing is attached to my outdoor kitchen, connects to the same propane tanks as my water heater and furnace, and just… works. I use this twice as often as I use the stove!
Shoe Rack
Well, flipflop rack. Who wants dirt inside?
Floor Mats
Not only do these keep us from tracking dirt inside but… well, they look pretty cute too! Plus, they are slowly teaching my 2yo boundaries. Stay on the mats, little man!
Baby Gate
Do you have a 2yo? Do you have a 2nd bedroom? You need one of these to stay sane during the time of day when you just can’t watch the door to make sure he doesn’t escape and take off.
I don’t know what people with young children do without a bathtub! Sure, ours is mini but it does its job!
Baby Girl
Because she’s just plain cute.

Crawl 4 Cure

We woke up this morning to a fairly empty campground. Within hours, RV after RV started pulling in. Most of them were huge toy haulers. Suddenly, I found our little home surrounded by off road vehicles and a huge white tent being constructed on the horizon.

So naturally, I got nosy and started Googling the stickers I saw on passing trucks. It looks like we found ourselves in the midst of this year’s Crawl4Cure… a charity event that raises money for MS. I think it’s pretty neat. You should go check it out and if any of you are mudders, it looks like a fun group to be a part of!

Treasure Hunters!

As soon as Daddy got off work today, we headed back out to the wilderness to go “treasure hunting” {aka: Geocaching}.

They discovered our very first Geocache treasure box in a tree trunk.

And, how lucky were we?? Our first find included some toys!!

After finding 2 different treasures, we headed home and the kids enjoyed some time playing in the yard while we cleaned everything up in preparation for the rain tonight.

Sure, we’re bored staying put in Minnesota right now… but we’re sure doing our best to find ways to stay busy!

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